Our Mission

StorTrack is a product of Aggregate Intelligence, Inc (Ai), the world’s foremost data intelligence solutions company. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, and with offices in Europe and Asia, Ai’s mission is to provide meaningful solutions for business and people to access and use the intelligence that exists in the dispersed, dynamic and disparate public and publicly available data.

We focus on the “three p’s”; price, position and perception. These three factors significantly impact every business performance in fast-moving online markets such as retail, travel and eCommerce. Our technology collects and aggregates big data, we apply machine learning and modeling technology to then extract useful intelligence from that data, and then deliver in easy-to-use and accessible online products and services that help our customers succeed.

Over 15 years of R&D

StorTrack is backed by 15 years of R&D into AI-driven data processing and analytics applied to all kinds of structured and unstructured business information.

Our Team

We have 150 staff worldwide dedicated to aggregating, cleaning, analyzing and getting intelligence from data.