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Are Rates Moving in the Lone Star State?

All of us keeping up with the latest self-storage news know that Texas is one of the fastest growing states in terms of population and in self-storage development. Several Texan cities have made the lists for fastest growing cities across the U.S. in recent years. It comes as no surprise that many investors … Read More

How does 2018 look for you?

As a self-storage operator, it is useful insight to understand if rates are trending up or down in your area as that is something that is likely to impact your planning and yield as we go into 2018. While your current tenants will have the biggest impact on your yield, how much you can influence that yield … Read More

Q&A with Roger Burgin from TD Self-Storage

This month, StorTrack’s Jeff Brink chats with Roger Burgin from TD Self-Storage.. StorTrack: “Tell us a little about your company…” Roger: “TD Self-Storage Enterprise is a privately held self-storage development, acquisition, and asset management company based in Greenville, SC. Our strategy is to … Read More

Q&A with William Warren Group’s Todd Buese

As part of StorTrack’s monthly Q&A sessions, we interview leaders in self-storage to provide us with industry insights. This month’s Q&A interviewee is William Warren Group’s Todd Buese. Jeff Brink chats with Todd about the importance of market intelligence and competitor … Read More

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