StorTrack Introduces Drive Time Feature to Explorer Platform, Transforming Market Analysis in Self-Storage

Explorer users can now access even more precise market insights with the new drive-time feature   June 13, 2024 – Detroit, MI – StorTrack, the leading provider of self-storage market data, is excited to announce the launch of its Drive Time feature on its Explorer platform. This new tool allows Explorer users to define and analyze markets based on drive time, offering better … Read More

StorTrack Market Insights Now Include Drive Time Analytics

StorTrack’s market analysis platform, Explorer, now offers Drive Time analytics. Search and gather market data for your next self-storage investment opportunity and see exactly how ‘local’ your core competition is. Using third-party map data, StorTrack calculates the Drive Time for each competing facility in the market from your site’s (or property’s) … Read More

New Feature: Market Square Footage Details in Market Summary

There is a lot riding on the accuracy of data when analyzing a market for its potential. We understand this and keep improving our product in an effort to deliver more granular market data that helps you get the real picture. Part of the market evaluation process for self-storage investors is understanding the average rates in the market and how they’re trending. In our latest feature … Read More

OPTIMIZE Introduces the All Parking Feature

Want to know exactly how many different parking unit types are offered by operators in your area so you can price yours accurately? The All Parking search tile on your OPTIMIZE dashboard will list all facilities in your chosen market that offer parking units regardless of size and type—boat, RV, car and more. Included in the search are parking units that may not have advertised … Read More

Average Rates Now Grouped by Unit Type (Parking, Standard, Climate Controlled)

  With Explorer you can now get an even better understanding of rates in any market. Explorer now offers a breakdown of average rates grouped by unit type, enabling you to compare the average rates in the market for units that are Climate Controlled, Standard/Regular or Parking only. You can also compare the aggregate average rate across all unit types. This breakdown will provide … Read More

Explorer Map Legend Update, Filter by Operator Type

Available to Explorer users now is an easier way of identifying existing self-storage facilities in any market by operator type. When searching for a market on the map, on the left side of the map, from the filter options, select the operator types you want to see on the map. You can select from REITs, mid-sized and/or small operators. Each operator type has been color-coded so you can … Read More

The Latest Update to Explorer’s Market Discovery Tool – helping self-storage developers and investors find markets for investment

More Ways to Identify New MarketsIf you haven’t heard, StorTrack recently launched the all new Market Discovery Tool. The Market Discovery Tool acts as a map filtering tool, helping self-storage developers and investors pinpoint cities/markets for investment based on their own specified parameters. Find markets that match your criteria such as Sq Ft per Capita, population size, … Read More

Market Discovery Tool: Finding the next opportunity in new markets All StorTrack Explorer users (both free and paid account users) now have access to the Market Discovery Tool. The Market Discovery Tool enables self-storage developers and investors to identify markets based on their own specified parameters. For investors looking … Read More

StorTrack Announces its OPTIMIZE Platform Now Features Effective Rate Monitoring and Analysis

The release will help self storage managers, owners and operators to better analyze the impact of promotions when setting storage rates Detroit, MI March 14, 2022 – StorTrack, the global provider of self storage data, announced at the recent Self Storage Association Spring Conference in Orlando, Florida, the launch of its Effective Rate Analysis tool to help industry operators manage … Read More