Drive Up Occupancy and Revenue with Market Alerts

Jody Burks | May 2020 Did you know you can now create alerts in Optimize to track and notify you of changes in your competitors’ pricing and inventory availability? Whether you are a large, medium or small operator, StorTrack’s new Market Alerts should be a key part of your daily strategy to effectively drive up occupancy and revenue. The alerts allow you to actively monitor rate and … Read More

Optimize May 2020 feature updates: Introducing Market Alerts and Easy Downloads

It’s here! One of our most frequently requested features since the release of Optimize has finally arrived. As an Optimize user you can now take advantage of the all new Market Alerts feature and print to PDF option for most pages in Optimize. During these difficult times, we understand the need for tools to help you as an owner, manager or operator, ensure that your business continues … Read More

StorTrack moves to Intraday Price Tracking

April 9, 2020, Detroit, MI – StorTrack ( the leading data provider serving the self-storage industry, has announced a major upgrade to Optimize, its on-demand pricing intelligence tool. Optimize is used by hundreds of self-storage companies across the world to monitor and manage unit pricing in thousands of competitive markets. One of the key features of Optimize … Read More

StorTrack Welcomes RK Kliebenstein as Product Consultant

Detroit, MI, November 21, 2019 – StorTrack (, the leading data company serving the self-storage industry, welcomes RK Kliebenstein as Product Consultant. RK brings with him over 20 years of experience working in the self-storage industry. As StorTrack’s Product Consultant, Kliebenstein will be responsible for advising on the development of products for the self-storage … Read More

StorTrack Upgrades its Market Intelligence Service for Self-Storage Operators

OPTIMIZE is a complete competitive market intelligence tool for self-storage operators Detroit, MI, September 24, 2019 – StorTrack (, the leading data company serving the self-storage industry, has announced a significant upgrade to its online system offering local market intelligence to self-storage operators. The online application has now been re-branded as … Read More

StorTrack Announcing Market Report Partnership with List Self Storage

Commitment to working closer to provide enhanced data intelligence services to buyers and sellers of self-storage facilities Detroit, MI, June 7, 2019 – StorTrack (, the leading data intelligence company in self-storage, has announced a commitment to work closer with (; “List”), the national online platform for buying and … Read More

StorTrack Announces Partnership with List Self Storage

The partnership provides market data for self-storage property listings Detroit, MI, February 20, 2019 – StorTrack (, the leading provider of pricing and market data and analytics in self-storage, announced today its partnership with List Self Storage (, the national online platform for the sale and purchase of self-storage properties. The … Read More

StorTrack Launches SiteFinder – the first and only way to find development opportunities in self-storage based on big data

Las Vegas, NV, September 4, 2018 — StorTrack (, the market leading provider of pricing and market data and analytics in self-storage, announced today the launch of a major new upgrade to its popular development tool Online PLUS. Online PLUS is used by scores of self-storage operators, developers and real estate and investment companies to deep-dive into analytics … Read More

Prorize and StorTrack Announce Data Integration Partnership

August 27, 2018 – Burlingame, CA – StorTrack, the leading provider of pricing and market intelligence for the self-storage industry, and Prorize, a global leader in dynamic pricing and revenue management, today announced a partnership to integrate StorTrack’s historical and real-time rate data with Self-Storage Rent Optimizer, a dynamic pricing solution by Prorize. The … Read More

Year-on-year Rate Trends for April – Small Units vs. Large Units

For operators and investors, insight into self-storage pricing trends is crucial for everyday pricing optimization and investment decisions. Being able to understand rate trends and current state of the market is invaluable in determining patterns in the market, where rates stand and where they’re going. Here, we analyze the year-over-year rate trends for the month of April, for … Read More