NEW FEATURE: Easier Pricing Optimization with your Comp Report!

In 2022 we are committed to bringing you even more tools for easier rate optimization. We have started 2022 with a major feature release for OPTIMIZE’s Comp(etitor) Reports. This new release enables operators, owners and managers like you, to adjust your unit rates directly on the Comp Report to see how the change affects your position against other stores in your market. With this new release we hope to make it easier for you to determine the optimal rate for your units, whether you have available inventory or not. In other words, a dynamic Comp Report that makes pricing optimization even easier!

What are Comp Reports?

OPTIMIZE’S Comp Reports are instant, automated reports in Excel/spreadsheet format. Download Comp Reports to compare your store’s rates vs. the current market average vs. your competitors’ rates, all in one view. Your OPTIMIZE account enables you to download these on demand, directly from your dashboard (see below) or schedule these to be emailed to you and/or anyone else on your team whenever you want them.

Rate Adjustments

This month’s Comp Report update enables you to adjust rates for any unit, whether you are currently offering it or not, on the Report to instantly see how your new rates would differ from your competitors. Would a 5 percent increase make your unit the most expensive in the market? Will decreasing your rates bring you more in line with the market average? Find out now! Simply download the Comp Report and plug in your rates to compare.

Watch a quick tutorial here:

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