COMING SOON: Identifying markets for your next opportunity just got easier


StorTrack is committed to being your first and only source for market analysis data. With the launch of the Explorer platform, StorTrack has provided users with the data needed to perform due diligence on sites already selected.

Soon, Explorer users will also have access to the all new Market Discovery Tool, a mapping tool to help operators, investors and developers identify potential new markets for investment based on their own parameters or market criteria. Users will be able to filter the Explorer map by selecting and setting from the following parameters:

  • State
  • Price per Square Ft.
  • Population
  • Median Household Income
  • Stores in the Market
  • Square Ft. per Capita, and more!

Once the criteria has been selected, the Explorer map will quickly pinpoint the markets matching the market parameters. Users can then can then learn more on any of the matching markets by adding them to their dashboard or purchasing a market report.

This feature will be available soon to all Explorer users (both free and paid account users). Stay tuned for more updates!

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