The Latest Update to Explorer’s Market Discovery Tool – helping self-storage developers and investors find markets for investment

More Ways to Identify New Markets

If you haven’t heard, StorTrack recently launched the all new Market Discovery Tool. The Market Discovery Tool acts as a map filtering tool, helping self-storage developers and investors pinpoint cities/markets for investment based on their own specified parameters. Find markets that match your criteria such as Sq Ft per Capita, population size, Median Household Income, Price per Sq Ft, etc.

The Market Discovery Tool launched last month but we have already made some tweaks and improvements.

You can now choose between combining multiple parameters to be very specific about the market conditions you are looking for OR you can look for markets that match any (not all) of the market conditions you selected. To specify how you want to search your market, select Search Type from the selection menu.

For example, select Require All if you are looking for a market that has a population of 50,000+ AND a Price per Sq Ft under $1.50 AND is located in Florida. The map will then pinpoint all of the cities within Florida with a population of more than 50,000 and a Price per Sq Ft under $1.50.

How the Market Discovery Tool Works

StorTrack Explorer is a market analysis platform and is available for free to everyone. Upgrades are available to unlock additional data for further market evaluation. The Market Discovery Tool is available to all Explorer subscribers. After identifying a market on the Market Discovery Tool, users can purchase a market report to get additional analytics. View a sample report here.

The Market Discovery Tool is available to all US, Canada and UK Explorer users.

More About the Market Discovery Tool


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