Easily Compare Market Rates for Self-Storage Units of Any Size

The OPTIMIZE platform for self-storage pricing optimization, makes it very easy for storage managers and operators to compare market rates for storage units of any size. This is specially useful when needing to price units which are not of a standard size, but could be priced to units offered in your market, of comparable size or features.

Say your facility offers a less common unit size, like a 8ftx22ft, a size not offered by any other competitors in your market. OPTIMIZE enables you to compare the rates for units similar in area size but with different dimensions (ie. W x L x H).

To do this, OPTIMIZE users can go to their Market Dashboard and click +Add New. This will then show you a number of filter selections that can be used to search for units of specific sizes and/or features within your market.

One of these options, enables you to filter by a Specific Size. In the example mentioned earlier, your store is the only one offering a 8ft x 22ft unit in the area. However, you need to know of other units in the area similar in size which you might be competing against.



Here we’ve selected the Specific Size option, where we have entered 8 and 22 for the Width and Length. We’ve also entered 5 in the +/- field for both Width and Length, which means that any units within 5ft of these dimensions will be shown in our search results. For example, a 10×20, 10×25, 8×20, etc. would all be included within the rate comparisons for the 8×22 unit.

Note: By default, for all the unit sizes set up on the Market Dashboard, StorTrack includes any unit sizes within +/- 14%. OPTIMIZE users can edit each unit size and click on “Exact Match to only include units which match the exact dimensions specified.

OPTIMIZE is dedicated to offer new features that help you get the complete market picture that will benefit your business. Is there some specific data need that is not being met at the moment? Write in and tell us about it. If enough people think it’s helpful, we will introduce it. We’re placing you at the center of our product development!

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