OPT Inventory Availability

Understand Market Demand for Specific Units with ‘Inventory Availability’

The OPTIMIZE platform offers managers, owners and operators with a number of tools to stay competitive in their markets. One feature OPTIMIZE users can use to track market demand for a specific unit type is ‘Inventory Availability’. The ‘Inventory Availability’ identifies the number of competing stores which at some point offered a unit of a specific size and feature. It then gives you a breakdown of the current number of stores offering or not offering that unit. StorTrack monitors thousands of self-storage websites for rate changes and is able to identify when a store has stopped advertising a particular unit type. When such changes occur, StorTrack marks a unit as ‘Off Market’. If the stores is currently offering this unit on their website it is considered ‘On Market’. This analysis offers pricing managers with a way gauge market demand for specific unit types and track the competition’s changes in inventory which can directly impact your rates.

OPTIMIZE is dedicated to offer new features that help you get the complete market picture that will benefit your business. Is there some specific data need that is not being met at the moment? Write in and tell us about it. If enough people think it’s helpful, we will introduce it. We’re placing you at the center of our product development!

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