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Discover Market Trends – Current vs. Average Rates

Investors of self storage use StorTrack’s market analysis platform, Explorer, to analyze current supply, market trends and more. As an investor, your due diligence includes the analysis of rates for all stores and unit types within the market. Part of Explorer’s market analysis tools include the 12 Month Trailing Average widget, providing investors with an easy and quick way to compare current rates against the average rates over the last year.

Current vs. 12 Month Average

Quickly compare today’s rates against the 12 month trailing average by unit type for each store within your market. The widget filters enable users to view rates for units with specific attributes, and by rate type (Premium vs. Value rates).

12 Month Trailing Average

View the monthly average rates for the last 12 months, by unit size. You can drill down to view rates by Floor type and also by rate type (Premium vs. Value rates).

Export Rates

Need to export this data? Click on the Excel icon to download the rates you see on your screen.


Explorer is StorTrack’s market analysis platform for self-storage operators, investors and developers. Explorer is available for the evaluation of any primary, secondary and tertiary market in the US, Canada and the UK.

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