Optimizing Market Analysis: Explorer’s Dynamic Radius Adjustment

StorTrack’s market analysis platform, Explorer, allows you to easily adjust the radius of your market, providing instant access to vital metrics. This dynamic feature offers you flexibility, enabling you to fine-tune your market scope at any given time.

Comparing market metrics with ease allows for comprehensive evaluation of potential sites. From demographic trends to competition density, every aspect of market analysis becomes more accurate and efficient. With StorTrack’s Explorer platform, you gain a powerful advantage in the competitive world of self storage investment, ensuring your decisions are backed by the most current and relevant data available.

To adjust your market radius (choose between 1 to 10 miles), navigate to the “My Markets” section in Explorer. Locate the market you wish to modify, click the three-dot icon under “Edit Market,” and choose the “Edit Market” option. A pop-up will display with the market map and the radius adjustment option. After selecting your desired market parameters, click “Save.” Keep in mind that you can revisit and modify this setting at your convenience, providing you with the flexibility you need for accurate market analysis.


For developers and investors this offers the agility needed to adapt to changing market conditions, ensuring precise and up-to-date assessments. Whether you’re exploring new opportunities or fine-tuning existing investments, this tool empowers you to make informed decisions.

Explorer is StorTrack’s market analysis platform for operators, investors and developers of conventional self-storage and Vehicle, RV & Boat storage. Explorer is available for the evaluation of any primary, secondary and tertiary market in the US, Canada and the UK.

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