StorTrack Introduces Drive Time Feature to Explorer Platform, Transforming Market Analysis in Self-Storage

Explorer users can now access even more precise market insights with the new drive-time feature


June 13, 2024Detroit, MI – StorTrack, the leading provider of self-storage market data, is excited to announce the launch of its Drive Time feature on its Explorer platform. This new tool allows Explorer users to define and analyze markets based on drive time, offering better insights and precision in market analysis.

The Drive Time feature is a game-changer for self-storage market analysis and site evaluation. By defining markets for areas within a 1 to 30-minute drive time, users can now get precise insights into market accessibility and reach. This feature goes beyond traditional radius-based analysis, offering a more accurate and realistic view of market potential.

Key Benefits of the Drive Time Feature:

  1. Drive time analysis allows for a more precise understanding of how accessible a self-storage facility is to potential customers within a specific market, providing insights into the convenience factor and potential customer base.
  2. Drive time analysis enables operators and investors to identify optimal locations for new self-storage facilities based on factors such as population density, traffic patterns, and competition, facilitating strategic site selection and maximizing revenue potential.
  3. Defining a market by drive time allows for a more accurate delineation of the target area, eliminating bodies of water and other obstacles, resulting in a more precise understanding of the market’s boundaries.

“As the industry leader in self-storage market data, StorTrack is committed to providing innovative tools that empower our users,” said Jay Bauer, Product Development Manager at StorTrack. “The Drive Time feature is a significant enhancement to our Explorer platform, enabling our clients to make more informed, data-driven decisions that can significantly impact their business success.”

StorTrack’s Explorer platform has been the preferred resource for self-storage operators, owners, and investors seeking comprehensive and accurate market data. With the introduction of the Drive Time feature, Explorer continues to set the standard for market analysis, reaffirming StorTrack’s position as the leader in self-storage market data for over a decade.

The new Drive time feature is now available to all Explorer subscribers evaluating markets in the US. For more information about the Drive Time feature or to experience the enhanced Explorer platform, visit or contact

About StorTrack

StorTrack is the leading provider of self-storage market data, offering comprehensive insights and data-driven solutions to self-storage operators, owners, and investors. With over a decade of experience, StorTrack continues to innovate and set the standard for excellence in the self-storage industry.