New Pricing Intelligence features offered in StorTrack Online

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Burlingame, CA; 30th April 2018. StorTrack Online now includes a new module called ‘Pricing Intelligence’ that provides users with useful insights into current prices and price trends in monitored locations.

Pricing Intelligence gives a quick snapshot of current prices for any given unit type – clearly showing the user’s price against minimum, average and maximum prices in the market at that point in time. It also offers a tool to selectively include specific competitor prices on the chart so as to do a simple, direct comparison with the push of a button. The system also “explains” the pricing landscape and your place in it.

Another feature of the new Pricing Intelligence module is an analysis of the recent trend in rates in the given area. This information is offered on an easy-to-understand bar chart that shows how the pricing of ‘most stores’ are trending (the system excludes outliers to show the underlying price trend in the market). It then places your store on the chart to show how you are trending relative the market.

Pricing Intelligence also shows Inventory Trends, tracking inventory that is taken off the market and reporting on the trend in the market for inventory appearing or re-appearing. It also provides a comparative tool that enables users to determine if their activity is similar or different to most of the other operators in the market.

Finally, the system – where possible – draws a correlation between the trend in rates and the trend in inventory to determine if rates are changing based on inventory filling up and disappearing from the market.

These tools enable users to gain new, important insight into their market dynamics – from the straightforward instant price comparison, to the more sophisticated and insightful trend analysis and are available as part of a regular StorTrack Online subscription.

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StorTrack is the self-storage industry’s premier data and marketing intelligence service. Tracking over 25,000 facilities worldwide with daily pricing data, StorTrack also integrates demographics, ownership and other market data to provide tools and services that help operators, owners and investors make better decisions.

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