Easily Compare Rates for Your Inventory Using the Optimize Dashboard

As an owner and operator, you understand the importance in knowing what the going average market rate is for each of the unit types in your inventory and be able to compare apples to apples based on the different features you offer. As an Optimize user, you are able to customize your Market Dashboard to reflect all the units you have in inventory – whether this is a 4×4 Climate-controlled Upper Floor unit, or a 10×10 Drive Up. The Market Dashboard offers a quick, at-a-glance overview of the market average rates for each of the unit types you have added to the Market Dashboard.

When you first set up your store’s market, by default, Optimize shows you market averages for 12 (soon to be 16!) of the most common unit types in self storage (such as 5×5 non-climate controlled, 10×10 climate-controlled, Car Parking, etc.). However, this dashboard can be completely customized so it reflects your store’s inventory or and different feature offerings. Setting this up is very easy!

Setting up your Dashboard to match your inventory

The Market Dashboard is a breakdown of market rate averages for the unit types added to the dashboard. At first, you will see the rates for the 12 most common unit types, displayed individually in each box. Each box presents you with a brief summary of the unit’s market average rate against your store’s rate, the number of competitor stores offering this unit type as well as the rate trend (upward or downward) for the unit.

However, you likely offer units differing in size and features from the 12 displayed here by default. To add units of additional sizes or features, click +Add New.



A pop up will appear, displaying different filter options to choose from. You can filter units by unit size and features. Select from the Storage Type (standard storage units, locker units, wine storage, etc.), Unit Size (filter by a specific unit type or a size range). For example, if you have any 4×6 units and you wish to compare these unit rates to units similar in size, such as 5×5, 4×5, etc., you can specify such. You can also select from different features you might offer such as Climate Controlled, Floor Level, Outdoor Access, Drive Up, etc.

Keep in mind, the more specific you get with your unit size and features, the more competitor units are likely to get excluded for comparison against yours.

Once you have selected the size and features, click Save – your Market Dashboard page will refresh and the new unit type will now appear on your Market Dashboard page.

The unit types on the Market Dashboard can be rearranged by dragging the boxes into place. Delete any unit types you don’t wish to see by clicking the ‘x’ mark within the unit box.

And voilá! You have just customized your dashboard to help you more effectively and easily compare your rates against relevant units offered in your market!


Questions? Reach our team at support@stortrack.com or 1-800-969-7424