Everything you need for
effective market analysis

The data, provided in a way to let you use it properly

A uniquely flexible and extensible analysis system

MVP is a unique concept that gives you the control. The system presents the user with a library of data widgets – each widget has interactive functions to enable you to interrogate, combine, investigate and build reports on each market

MVP offers flexible ways to find, discover and add markets to the dashboard

MVP provides a high-level Executive Summary of the market in plain English as one of the data widgets

The most comprehensive data set at your fingertips

Across the library of data widgets you will find everything you need for any given market, from supply metrics, competitive analysis, pricing history, inventory history, trends, project developments, key demand indicators and other market insights

Build your own view and create your own reports

MVP enables you to build your own view of any market – focus on the aspects you want to – and then create your own custom reports with the data and analysis you want to include

MVP's robust Report Builder gives you the power to create completely custom reports including only the data and graphs you want to include

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