The most powerful market analysis tool
for self-storage

Incorporating a powerful and unique market discovery system and a unique, proprietary
visualization palette to create the most flexible and useful analysis tool available in
self-storage today

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Taking data visualization to a new level

MVPbeta is the ultimate in customizable data visualization; a library of data widgets featuring interactive visualization on all aspects of your chosen market means you can design your own view, report and templates to meet any visualization or analysis needs.

The most flexible market discovery process

MVPbeta includes multiple ways to identify and discover markets including market ranking tools, market identification tools using boolean search and radius setting around geo-points or store locations. Identify the markets that meet exactly your criteria without having to crunch a million rows of data.

Everything you need to perform market due diligence and discovery

Scores of interactive data widgets including demographics, pricing history, inventory analysis, volatility, known new developments, maps, competition analysis, marketing analysis and more. If MVPbeta doesn’t have the data you need.. Just ask, and the widget will be there soon!

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