Stay Organized with Market Folders!

You can now organize the Markets you’ve set up on your MarketView Platform account with Market Folders. Organize your markets by State, Region, size, etc. To create a folder, simply sign in to your MVP account and on the My Markets page, click the grey Create Folder button on the top right corner. The pop up will then display the list of Markets you have set up. Select the Markets you want to add to your folder, give your folder a Name and click Save.  Your newly created folder is then added to your My Markets dashboard.

Add/Remove Markets in Folders

Make changes to your folders by clicking the icons next to the folder’s name on the My Markets page. To add or remove markets from your folder, simply click on the folder name and check/uncheck the markets from the list and click Save to update.

For assistance creating folders, reach our team at 1-800-969-7424 or

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